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AllNurses.COM Article – 5 tips for Applying to Nursing School

· As a 2nd Degree Student ·

Hello Friends ~ Today’s post is a redirect to a recent article that was published and featured over at The topic is: 5 tips to applying to Nursing School.  These are all little this that I myself used during my very own “application journey” as a second-degree student.  The focus leans towards the different…

Revisiting: Nursing Student Jobs

· answering the questions 29-year-old scared Esther had for anyone else out there that may be facing the same crossroads ·

Good Morning everyone – Today’s post is actually going to be a bit of a rehash from a post I previously wrote just shy of over a year ago called “Jobs for Nursing Students” ( check out that original post here ). When I originally wrote that post, I was still employed full time at…

Guest Post by Nurse Beth

· Picking Your 2nd Career Path to Nursing ·

Guest Post

Hello my fellow Prospective Students & Current Nursing Students — Today I  bring you the first GUEST POST on my blog, so exciting!  Today’s guest post comes from the talented and experienced Beth Hawkes, MSN, RN, also known as simply “Nurse Beth”. Currently, her most prominent roles are roles as a writer, speaker, and career advice…