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Here’s my First Post

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November 10, 2016 0 Comments

Welcome to my First Post

This journal will mainly focus on my adventures as a second degree nursing student as Cal State San Marcos starting January 23rd 2017.  As a FUTURE RN, my main motivation for starting the blog in the first place was to have a “scrapbook” of sorts about my experience through the next two years. I love to be able to look back on my memories written from an “in the moment” perspective. It is sure to provide my future-self some humor as well!

Of course, as you might notice – It’s still NOVEMBER, so I’ve still got a couple weeks to go!  In between now and my actual start date, I’ll start to post about a variety of things that I’m planning for, researching or generally find interesting as I prepare to start my journey.

Once school actually kicks off, expect to find more posts about the general trials and tribulations that are student life.  I eventually plan on throwing in some helpful columns that you might find educational. Such as: study tips, research on nursing specialties, reviews on scrubs – medical tools – clinical textbooks – etc. If I’m lucky, I’ll even have some guests posting interesting topics from time to time too. We’ll see where it goes and how it grows…


Thank you for reading!
Love, Future RN Jando

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