Nurse Jando

Future Nurse Jando will focus on my adventures as a second degree nursing student at Cal State San Marcos starting January 23rd 2017.  As a FUTURE RN, my main motivation for starting a blog in the first place, was to have a “scrapbook” of sorts about my experiences throughout the next two years. I love to be able to look back on my memories written from an “in the moment” perspective. It is sure to provide my future-self some humor as well!

However I hope NurseJando.Com  becomes much more than just a journal!

I’ve got big big plans, and here are a few of my goals:

  • Creating  helpful columns that you might find educational:
    • Study tips for specific topics as I go through classes
    • Research on nursing specialties and professions
    • Resources for Professional Nursing Associations
    • Advice on Financing nursing school
      • Nursing Scholarships
      • Ways to earn flexible income
        • Saving on expenses
        • Side Gigs
  • Providing honest reviews on:
    • Scrubs
    • Clinical Tools
    • Nursing Textbooks
  • Inviting guests to post their insight on interesting topics from time to time

There is really no telling how much I’ll be expanding the content of the site. I have so many different ideas I want to try. was just created on November 7th 2016. I will continue to work on the site through out the next few weeks to have it completely set up by January 2017. We’ll see where it goes and how it grows… so stay & have a look around!

For Now:
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